Dwelling with place

We dwell here with the poet lady
She a sandpiper ,a friend to mint

Creeping on the edge of the path.
Mint smells strong early morning,

Brushing the white pant-leg green.
We dwell with a place in her time.

We have mint in our tea co-living
A green life with an essential sea,

Green sea that runs in our blood
And its minerals make our bones.

Plover is neighbor of poetry aunt,
Bird taking off in a mineral blood

And airy insects it ingests into it,
We are all minerals in sea blood.

We dwell with our place like mint,
And smell strong green on pants.

(Getting to know the beautiful poetry of Lorine Niedecker (1903-1970) from an article Dwelling With Place :Lorine Niedecker’s Ecopoetics by Steel Wagstaff in his blog Edgeeffects)


I am overwhelmed by a golden morning
When it comes with the sounds of cattle,

In a distance, of dust from angular hoofs
Overwhelming mud-tracks up to the sky.

The cattle are overwhelmed by their time
By milk overflowing from the red udders

In thin jet-streams that will overwhelm us
In our faces behind a morning’s hind legs.

The fleas overwhelm them in the hind leg
Of a tail that seems the end of the world.

Some times I am overwhelmed by words
Flowing smoother than cow milk streams.

In the white halls, when I leave the world,
I am overwhelmed by endless milky ways.


A photo of a woman stares at table
A landscape about her is memory

The occupancy of a space in time
A twilight reflected in eyes of skin,

A yellow sofa ,a light green pillow,
The newspapers unread in clutter.

Where is a language ,you will ask
A silken print of letters like brush

A wall of murals, a graffiti spread.
She is a language born and raised

To be lost to a breathless infinity,
The last of the birds in migration.

She is wall that stares at beyond
And it has the graffiti by all of us.