What trees kids had gathered
Over several days before fire!

Shouts would flare up streets,
As fire would lick nights filled,

With shouts by ghosts of kids.
Memory is cinders of a night.

They smell as burnt coconut,
With a sooty taste in mouth!

When four dogs played with man

When four dogs played with man.
I don’t know why two came at me
And fear became  smell in the air.

Other two might be overwhelmed
By love of man and smell by a sea.
Two from four would come at me

Like the sea came at me from blue
When fear became smell in the air
And sun refused to burn the smell.


We will think about and how
And will come back in  night.

In the interim ,we shall sleep
Retroactively, by a beast sea.

It lately growls less after rain
When it fell like night’s tears.

Its hurt came across a dawn
When the sun wiped its tears.

In the interim, we propose to
Sleep and dream, perchance,

If dreams will come in words
In giant waves from a poetry.

Shape of fear

A shape cuts through a sleep
By twin hillocks like a rabbit

Scampering away from fear.
Fear was shape like a snake

Crossing our paths in hillock
With creeper in rock crevice

Crawling upon a recent rain
From a skin empty after fear.

Fear was a shape of son talk,
His words vaporized in tree

In wind that swayed a baby
Like mother’s love, in bricks

She carried , on a cloth head.
Mom carried bricks like fear

On a cloth ring on her head.
A fear about baby son’s fall

Swayed a tree’s cloth swing
In sleep, a shape called son.