Red crabs

We are red crabs inside our souls,
For sea to smooth our inner edges.

We come out for breather a while
To disappear quickly back in hole.

Like a girl who dug hole yesterday
Has withdrawn her sole from hole.


Going separate ways

You and I , go our separate ways.
You are reported to be professor,

Who looks much like my brother,
It’s what old man in the park says,

Who worries you are not coming
To the officers’ club , these days.

I do not know whether you exist
Or if you have ever existed at all ,

Anywhere by the sea or in a city
Or are a mere figment of thought

An episode from man’s dementia
Or a fake body missing from club.

If you are not unreal and brother,
As we have come here separately

We’ll go separately to our deaths,
With no mourning to bridge them.

(Inspired by the poem Separate Way by Charles Reznikoff)

Telephone wires

After Hughes, we talk and whisper,
Through telephone wires by railway

While towns whisper to each other
Inside eerie wind on a dry country

But that is a mere figure of speech.
We have no moor in bleak country.

And it is only in trains we observe
Telephone wires run up and down.

They speak of bones nevertheless
Emptied in far towns and villages

To make room for the new bones
And the wind blows easily in trees.

(after Ted Hughes poem “Telegraph Wires”)